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Hopsitality Sector Stock Control Services

Managing stock is essential to good business practice and is particularly relevant in the hospitality sector. It ensures that raw materials are available when and as required, but it also prevents stock going out of date and having to be destroyed or still being sold to customers, giving rise to complaints or worse. But a good system of stock control also curtails theft as missing stock will show up in management control reports which would allow for an investigation. 

We have the hospitality industry knowledge that allows us to understand the value in the raw materials that are being stored and we can build a system of stock control that will allow you to better manage the storage and control of these valuable raw materials. Where it is deemed necessary to complete stock takes we can provide you direct support in completing the counting of stock and prepare stock holding reports.  

Actively managing stock, will reduce costs by reducing over ordering and wastage, increase profitability, give you more accurate reporting and reduce the risk of theft. 

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