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Bar, Pub & Nightclub Accountant Services

Just as the restaurant business, running a successful pub or bar requires an understanding of the issues that can impact on your success. It is imperative you have an account who has experience dealing with these.

  • High purchase costs (increases break-even level and restricts ability to invest)

  • Stock Loss (breakages, dispensing errors, theft)

  • Cash Control (management cost, theft)

  • Marketing Costs (drinks promotions, TV sports, live music)

  • Cost of Legislation (drink driving laws, no-smoking, licencing laws, opening times)

  • Changing social trends (customers changing needs, requirements and preferences)

These are just some of the issues that can impact on this business sector so being successful requires good planning from the outset but ongoing support and the ability to change and adapt to market conditions in a way that keeps you in control.

At Hospitality Accounting Solutions, we believe that we can help you better manage your business, by using our industry knowledge we can ensure that you are armed with the key information you need when you need it.

You need to know your total unit cost before you can set an accurate pricing structure. To stay on track, you will need easy to read timely reports that will show you how your business is doing and point to where any changes need to be made. Using Hospitality Accounting Solutions, we will do this work for you, allowing you to concentrate on selling to your customers.

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