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Restaurant & Hospitality Sector Menu Costing Services

In a restaurant or food providing establishment, a menu can’t be priced unless the costs to produce each dish is recorded accurately. There needs to be a recipe for each menu item and the recipe needs to be followed each time the dish is produced. Also, when constructing and pricing a menu it requires an understanding of the popularity of different dishes as well as the cost of the ingredients. A high cost high volume item won’t be priced at the same mark-up as a high cost low volume item. 

At Hospitality Accounting Solutions, we understand that there is a balance to be struck between innovation and consistency and that fresh food tends to be inconsistent in size, shape and density. We also understand that demand for dishes will fluctuate, but we can help you build recipes that have enough flexibility that moderate changes in costs and demand will still allow the menu price to return a profit.  

We will provide you with costing systems that will allow you to accurately calculate the cost of each dish and then give you an indicative menu price. This system will allow you to cost new menu items or special event menus, which ensures that every item sold has the required mark-up attached. 

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